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Christian Fischbacher

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Met de kwalitatief hoogwaardige wandbekleding van BN Walls kunnen de meest uiteenlopende interieurs worden gerealiseerd. Bekijk hier een selectie van onze projecten.

For nearly two centuries, Christian Fischbacher has been at the heart of the textile industry. They are a family-owned company with headquarters in St. Gallen Switzerland, a centre for the textile industry since the 13th century. Christian Fischbacher creates fabrics of truly exceptional quality. Translucent materials, plain designs in rich tones or sumptuous decors – their signature is based on cosmopolitan flair and technical innovation. 

Art Director at Christian Fischbacher, Camilla Fischbacher: "For our wallpaper, we worked together with our partner in the Netherlands to transfer our collection classics onto the wall. Their subtle colourways, fascinating surfaces and structures invite everyone to discover the entire world of Christian Fischbacher products. The use of high-quality materials and production standards are a matter of course for us."

Watch here the video about the collaboration between Christian Fischbacher en BN Walls.

Inspiring wall decoration by Christian Fischbacher

Christian Fischbacher is driven by a passion for quality. In keeping with their extensive product portfolio, Christian Fischbacher has developed a elegant non-woven wallpaper collection together with BN Walls. The in-house design team has thus translated its textile expertise into high-quality wall coverings. With their plethora of colours and intricate details, patterns from Fischbachers' fabric classics create inspiring effects on walls.

Christian Fischbacher has compiled designs from the URBAN LUXURY collection in a wallpaper collection replete with finesse and technical sophistication. The eye-catcher of the collection is KOTORI, a colourful rendezvous of birds and flowers. It is joined by a rich selection of elegant designs, plains and faux plains. The materials used, coupled with the technical expertise of our partner in the Netherlands, results in wall decorations that are characterised by exceptional brilliance and depth. The relief-like surfaces of the non-woven wallpaper evoke an interplay of light, their multilayered colour application creating enticing appeal for the sense of touch. Whether you wish to decorate an entire room or create a stunning feature wall, the wallpaper collection brings the boundless creativity of Christian Fischbacher to every surface.

Christian Fischbacher


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