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Putting up the wallpaper is simply a matter of applying wallpaper paste to the wall.

What file format should the image be?

Our website supports various formats, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP.

How can I turn my own picture into a wall print?
That’s really easy – simply upload the image file, then specify which format the wallpaper should have. As soon as we have the file, we will get started. Within a few days you can collect your print from the selected store in your area. You specify which store this should be, and can also pay there. You can also get the right wallpaper paste there or ask any questions you may have about applying the wallpaper.

What quality must the image be?

The higher the image resolution, the more detailed a print will be. When you upload a file, its quality will be automatically checked. If the quality is not sufficient, a warning message will notify you accordingly.

Are shipping charges included?

All listed prices include shipping charges.

What type of material do you use for printing the wall print?

The wall print will be printed on a sustainable woven substrate. Putting up the wallpaper is simply a matter of applying wallpaper paste to the wall, rather than to the wallpaper itself. Then you can stick the print to the wall, directly from the roll, so a wallpapering table is not required.

Can I order a wall print of any size?

The minimum size is two square metres; there is no maximum size. Of course, this depends on the resolution of the image. A higher resolution allows for a larger size.

What are your delivery times?

As soon as we receive the order, we get started. Delivery time is a maximum of 10 working days.

Where can I collect the wall print?

You can collect your order from an authorised speciality store in your area. You can select one yourself using the store locator on our website.

What wallpaper paste should I use?

Use a paste that is specifically made for woven wallpaper. This is available at the speciality store. 


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