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Health Care

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  • Produced in the Netherlands since 1926
  • Innovative designs
  • Customised solutions
  • Free samples
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Wall coverings used in hospitals and (care) institutions must meet strict safety requirements and hygienic standards. BN Walls Healthcare has been specially developed for these sectors.

Stain Resistant top layer
Through intensive collaboration between BN Walls, architects and contractors, a product has been developed with a stain-resistant top layer. This top layer ensures that the wallpaper is resistant to stubborn stains, dirt and chemicals.
The strong coating ensures that stains cannot migrate into the vinyl. As a result, various cleaning agents can be used to clean the surface: all-purpose cleaner, soap, cleaning vinegar, ethanol, chlorine bleach and even turpentine. Due to the presence of the strong stain resistant top layer, the BN Walls Healthcare collection has an excellent scratch and impact resistance, making it ideally suited for use in spaces that are to be used intensively. The wallpaper comes with a fire-retardant certificate.

BN Walls Healthcare has been treated with Bio-Pruf, which prevents the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. With this, our line meets the strict requirements that are set in the health sector in the field of hygiene. Since the Bio-Pruf is added to the PVC mix, the antibacterial effect is guaranteed over the entire surface of the product and, moreover, effective for the entire life of the wallcovering.

The colours of this collection are subtle and harmonious, such as warm gray, white and sky blue. These are alternated with natural images. As a result, the walls radiate tranquility, openness and trust. BN Walls Healthcare is a good combination of design, functionality and sustainability.

Digital wallpaper
In addition, BN Walls Healthcare has an additional application: This can also be printed digitally. The possibilities are limitless. We can translate every creative excess into a digital print on Healthcare quality. Make a statement, create the ultimate atmosphere and give the space a character. It's all possible with our digital service.

This collection not only fits in with hospitals and care institutions, but is suitable for all places that require an institution with extra care. Such as the hospitality industry, animal clinics, (doctor) practices, clean rooms, laboratories, pharmacies and schools.

  • Design No.
  • Pattern
  • Colour
  • Backing
    Non-woven HT fabric backed
  • Weight
    360 g/m2
  • Roll length
    50 m
  • Roll width
    130 cm
  • Pattern height / Repeat
    0 centimeter / 0.00 inch
  • Hanging Instruction
    Non reverse/straight
  • Fire rating Euroclass
  • Light fastness
    > 7 International Wool Scale
  • LRV Value
  • HS Code
  • FSC Certified
  • Bio-Pruf
  • Washable
  • Scrubbable

We are currently busy specifying this information.

We are currently busy specifying this information.

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BN Walls

BN Walls is a leading player in the global market for wall covering. We combine a knack for design with knowledge and expertise in, and experience with, production processes. We operate an in-house design studio and R&D department and manufacture all our products at our own production facility in Huizen, the Netherlands. Our products help our clients to create the perfect ambience in any hospital, hotel, office or home. This is a special process that we like to share with our clients. Experience has shown that it always begins with the same basic aim: Imagine what your wall can be.

The power of vinyl

Our vinyl products perfectly blend creativity and functionality, and our extensive range always includes a design that is appropriate for the space where you intend to use the wall covering. Additionally, our vinyl products are strong, durable, shock-proof and scratch-proof and can be smoothly processed. An added benefit is that vinyl is low-maintenance, making it the perfect alternative to paint and fibre optics. 

Wide selection of designs

We offer a choice of more than 60 different designs, ranging from natural and serene to bold and intense and from bright colours and eye-catching shapes to pastels which are in perfect harmony with a gentle linear pattern.

Digital printing

We have developed six different basic substrates especially for the digital market. These substrates are flame-retardant (inflammable),  washable, air-permeable and tear-proof, which is important during application and removal. You also have the option to use all our contract wall coverings for digital printing purposes, so the digitally printed wall covering can blend in seamlessly with your other covered walls in the same room. We can even assist you if you have created your own design or would like to use a specific image for your walls. Feel free to contact us to discuss the various options available.

The perfect solution for modular walls

Our products – especially the Durafort collection – are highly suited for covering structural partition and modular walls.

You can count on us

You will find that the quality of our service matches that of our products. We will assist you in selecting the right product, give you a nudge in the right direction to inspire you, or recommend the adhesive that best suits your purposes. We are available to support you at every stage of your project, also after we have delivered your wall covering.

Practical benefits of our vinyl products:

Long lifespan

The textile and non-woven carrier to which vinyl layers are added is just one of the reasons why our vinyl products are extremely strong and durable and will easily last you 10 to 15 years.

Scratch-proof and shock-proof

Our vinyl products are scratch-proof and shock-proof, making them perfect for high-traffic spaces and areas used for a variety of activities. Our wall coverings are also highly resistant to external influences, including cold and hot temperatures and chemicals, while any damage is easy to repair.

Minimal maintenance

Vinyl wall covering requires virtually no maintenance and is easy to clean and disinfect.

Flame-retardant and safe

Our vinyl wall covering complies with all the international fire safety standards We also carry the CE label for vinyl wall covering.

Our advice in selecting an adhesive 

Our vinyl wall covering is best applied with the BN Walls BK 10 adhesive or an equivalent adhesive suited to absorbent surfaces. For non-absorbent surfaces, we recommend the BN Walls BK 30 adhesive.

Five-year warranty 

All our vinyl products are subject to a five-year factory warranty. This warranty applies provided that the wall covering was applied professionally based on the guidelines recommended by BN Walls.


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