Librije's Hotel


Different rooms in Librije’s Hotel have been restyled with our Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders wallpaper. Interiors by Ingrid van der Veen in consultation with Thérèse Boer.

Passion, that is Jonnie and Thérèse Boer’s motto and that’s what it’s all about at the Librije. Passion for cooking, wines and gastronomy. All of this is made with a contemporary, modern approach and an aversion to typical conventions and customs. The world of De Librije has grown in the past 25 years. The centre is still the Librije restaurant, but due to the demand from their guests this 'family' has expanded in recent years. The Librije is no longer just a three-star restaurant; since 2008 it is also a five-star hotel. Librije’s Hotel offers its guests what Jonnie and Thérèse describe as the “ultimate hotel experience”. Parts of the old women's prison have been preserved in the monumental building. The cell doors, bars on the windows and the 'cachot' give this hotel a special appearance and atmosphere. Interior designer Ingrid van der Veen was given the task of redesigning the rooms in the hotel.

The wallpaper collection "Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders from BN fits in well with my design style; tough, yet elegant and it has a luxurious look."

The 19 rooms in the hotel each have their own character, as far as the decor is concerned. Each room is distinct and modern eclectic with lots of colour and attention to detail, creating a unique atmosphere. None of the suites are the same, which was important to Jonnie and Thérèse during the restyling.

Every room has its own story. Because each room is decorated differently, it remains a unique experience on every stay for both new and returning guests. During the restyling, rooms were redesigned with BN’s Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders wallpaper that Ingrid chose.

Ingrid about the suites: "I chose a colour scheme and atmosphere for each room. The wallpaper collection Neo Royal by Marcel Wanders from BN fits in well with my design style; tough, yet elegant and it has a luxurious look. Because I use a lot of colour, I have selected these designs for the rooms where I applied the BN Walls wallpaper. "

The junior suite Kardoen is blue and white, with ocher and gold accents that give a luxurious feel. The Pentecostal flower has an eclectic chic appearance; deep purple walls contrast with cobalt blue wall panels and furniture. The subtle wallpaper complements the elaborate and detailed design, bringing a sense of balance to the room. The wallpaper on De Daslook gives the hotel room a chic style by combining it with dark green and gold. The wallpaper runs along the long wall of the room and creates a beautiful accent in the hotel room.

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