Give a wall its own personality.


We see it as a challenge to find the right personality for each wall and to create the right atmosphere for each room. We are also happy to help you translate a design vision into the perfect wall. The door to our atelier is always open to architects and project developers.


Our digital prints.

We offer the option to make your wall exactly as you would like it. You can select a print from our extensive collection and order it from us directly. Having a self-chosen or self-made picture on your wall is also possible. If you upload the picture with us, we will turn it into a beautiful print. 

You can count on us.

Reliability and quality are two important pillars on which BN is built. In practice, this means that we keep to our commitments and that our products are always of the highest quality.

Problem solved.

We don’t think in terms of problems, but rather in challenges. Thanks to our knowledge of the production process and our unlimited imagination, we can rise to any challenge. In other words: we will work with you.

Our knowledge is your knowledge.

We have been making wallpaper for many decades and know the production process in detail. You can benefit from this as we are happy to share our knowledge, expertise and experience with our partners and clients.

All colours, livelier.

Whatever colour you are seeking, we can make it. To exactly the shade you have in mind.


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